Both Uganda and Hong Kong were successful in their respective play-off semi-final matches during the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifier B.Uganda came out on top by a score of five runs.

Uganda won the toss and opted to bat first

Uganda’s decision to bat first did not work in their favor as the team collapsed on a low total while playing against Jersey. The openers, Simon Ssesazi and Ronak Patel, got things off to a strong start; however, the momentum quickly waned after Jersey applied the brakes. The opening partnership of 46 runs was broken up in the ninth over, and Uganda lost their second wicket in the over that immediately followed.

The slide proceeded further from that point on. At consistent intervals, new wickets were taken, and three of the batters were run out without scoring. A ferocious knock of 26 from Juma Miyaji was a big part of the reason Uganda scored more than 100.

Jersey did not have any particularly formidable foes to vanquish during their pursuit of 111, whereas Uganda did not intend to surrender without a fight. In the second over, Miyaji took out Harrison Carlyon with a bowling strike, and Frank Nsubuga took out Julius Sumeerauer in the over that followed.

Uganda did an outstanding job. They put up a valiant fight to protect their low score overall. The Jersey batters, with the exception of Asa Tribe (14) and Jonty Jenner (27*), were unable to hold on to their hits. They ended up with scores in the single digits because Jenner did not receive any support. Even though Uganda needed 15 runs in the final over, Bilal Hassun did a good job of defending their total by only allowing nine runs to be scored against them.

The final score was 7 wickets for Hong Kong

Toss: Hong Kong won the coin toss and decided to bowl first

Hong Kong’s strong bowling display, which was led by Yasim Murtaza, contributed to restricting Singapore to a below-average total of 146. Even though Singapore had gotten off to a strong start, scoring 59 runs for the first wicket, they then lost three wickets in rapid succession, leaving them on 59/3 in the ninth over. This was despite the fact that Singapore had gotten off to a flying start.

They were hampered even further by Murtaza. Ehsan Khan was able to get both Navin Param and Janak Prakash out to slow the progress once more and put a stop to the revival that was taking place in the middle overs thanks to the solid half-century stand that was put up by the two of them. In the end, they were only able to muster a meager score due to the fact that three of their wickets were lost in the final over of their innings.

In their response, Hong Kong scored quickly through the first few overs, with their captain, Nizakat Khan, contributing the majority of the runs. Nizakat, along with Aizaz Khan and Babar Hayat, made crucial stands in order to ensure that Hong Kong’s pursuit was as uncomplicated as possible.

In the 18th over, Hong Kong experienced a momentary setback when Nizakat was run out after scoring an outstanding 81 off of 55 balls. But Hong Kong accomplished their goal with only 12 more runs needed to win, and they did so with seven balls to spare.

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